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When you think of e-readers you might think of people reading on the beach during holiday, while commuting, or at home on their sofa. However, there are many more uses for e-readers and e-readers pose a viable and often better alternative to mobile devices with LCD screen. Below you find an overview of business usage of our e-readers, that we have long experience in. If one of these examples appeals to you or you want to check if we can help you with other business needs, please contact us via info(at)icarusreader.com



E-readers as business or personnel gifts / customized e-readers

As a end-of-year gift or bonus for your employees or a gift to your loyal customers.. an e-reader is a much more personal and original gift than your average product. We can also customize our e-readers for you with your company logo on hardware and or software, pre-loaded content and more. And at very attractive rates!



E-readers for business automation

E-paper technology with integrated light makes e-readers very suited for business automation, such as picking and packing in warehouses. E-ink screens consumer less power than tablets and are easier to read in any lighting condition. As our devices run on Android, your own apps can easily be installed and used.


E-readers as teaching aid / physical book replacement in schools

Students nowadays carry around many kilograms of books. And did you ever think of the amount of paper and trees consumed in creating those books? An e-reader can be perfectly used in the classroom as well with Wi-Fi and Android.




Creating a paperless office or simplify business processes

Especially our larger screen size e-readers (8 and 9.7") are often used by business professionals that manage large amounts of documents and also have the need to interact with that content (making notes etc.). Think of lawyers, notaries, professors and the like.

Our 9.7" e-readers have the option to create, add, save and export notes in PDF files, allowing you to drastically reduce paper consumption in your office.


In-store / Point of Sale

Increasingly retail environments use screens for communicating dynamic content. E-Ink screens are perfect for this due to their paperlike qualities and low power consumption. They allow you to remotely change content, meaning store personnel can focus on addressing customers, not changing price tags.



Display of tracking data on sailing events

Yacht-Bot uses Icarus Illumina Pro e-readers for its customers, professional sailors. WIth their app they provide for more control and visibility of racing, training and event management with real-time GPS tracking.

Thanks to the 9.7'' E-Ink screen of the Illumina Pro, the solutions is perfect for outdoor use, even in direct sunlight.










Above is just a small selection of business opportunities that E-Ink devices offer. Feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone if you see opportunities where we can be of service.


Fully custom

The list of services we can provide for your company:

E-reader hardware related:

  • Print customer logo on front housing (minimum order quantity 10 pcs)    
  • Print customer logo on back housing (minimum order quantity 10 pcs)
  • Existing e-reader model, new housing color (minimum order quantity 500 pcs)
  • Exclusive model/design (minimum order quantity 1000 pcs)


E-reader software and content related:

  • Pre-install app
  • App icon in main menu
  • Pre-installed content (books*, apps*, games* or video**)
  • Custom start/sleep/shutdown screens
  • Ebooks server, management console and mobile (Android / iOS) apps



  • Print flyers A6 – A4 
  • Insert flyers A6 – A4
  • Print stickers for packaging 
  • Add stickers to packaging

Do you have any other specific requests? Let us know. We are very flexible in making your wishes a reality.



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