1. About Us

A pioneer in the e-reader business since 2008

We have been in the e-reader business since its creation. ICARUS is a brand owned by DistriRead. DistriRead - a dutch company - was founded in 2008 when e-reading was up and coming. Our founders were involved in bringing to market the first e-readers, first as an incubator project at Philips Electronics. Later on as part of the company IREX, one of the pioneers in e-readers that launched the iLiad e-reader. DistriRead became the biggest distributor of e-readers in the Netherlands, bringing several brands to market. In this period, DistriRead learned the ins and outs of the e-reader market. We saw the technological and market developments and decided that we could do a better job at offering e-reading solutions than the brands we were distributing. 

So mid 2010 we decided that we would bring to the market our own brand of e-readers and ICARUS was born.

After a lot of developments we brought to market our first e-reader, the ICARUS Sense in October 2010 and in December 2010 our second e-reader, the ICARUS Go. This turned out to be a huge success and has been on the market for over 2 years. 

Since 2010 we have entered new segments and brought to market e-readers with LCD technology and e-paper e-readers in different screen sizes. This brings us to this moment, in which we have the broadest selection of e-readers in the market. We cover all segments and sell our products all over the globe. Our current range consists of the Omnia (generation 2), essence, and eXceL.

The year is 2017 and our product range consists of the Omnia (a value for money LCD e-reader and mediaplayer), the Illumina (our 6" e-reader with wifi, touchscreen,Front Light and Google Playstore ), the Illumina XL HD (our flagship 8" e-reader with wifi, touchscreen and Front Light so you can read even in the dark) and the Illumina Pro (a professional grade e-reader with 9.7" touchscreen, Wi-Fi and note taking capability). The new Illumina Series are also the world's first e-reader with Android enabling users to install their own (reading) apps.



A completely open system with no boundaries

Would you buy a car from a certain brand and be forced to always buy gasoline with the same gas station? Would you buy a new kitchen if you were forced to do your grocery shopping always with one specific supermarket? No? Neither would we!

Many competing international e-reader brands have exactly this system though: you buy their e-reader and are tied in to their ecosystem with an ebook store with books in a proprietary format. And... this is for the rest of your life.

We do not believe in this system. We do not want to be tied in ourselves and we do not want our customers to be. Therefor our e-readers are completely open and you can choose where you want to buy or download your e-books. It is up to you! And with the broadest support of ebook formats on the market, you have access to more content than with any other e-reader. On our Android-based e-readers you can even access public libraries, use ebook subscription or read books from closed eco-systems such as Kindle and Kobo.

ICARUS stands for advanced technology at affordable prices. Why pay more if you can have a solid e-reading device at an attractive price point?


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Remark: never send parcels without pre-alerts (RMA). If you send parcels without notifying us and without documentation, we cannot trace these back to you. We are not responsible for parcels that are shipped without notification or documentation.