Illumina Pro

The biggest Illumina yet.... Illumina Pro 9.7" e-reader with frontlight.






For the most demanding user that works with A4 sized documents, PDFs and has the need to interact with the content (notes, annotations, highlighting), the ICARUS Illumina Pro is the new standard. The 9.7" E-Ink touch screen has great contrast and swiftly responds to any command. With 1200 x 825 pixels it has much more detail than most e-readers (800 x 600).  

The Illumina Pro comes in two versions: the E1053BK has a electro magnetic touchscreen with stylus. With that stylus you can create handwritten notes, highlight text, and make annotations.

With Wi-Fi connectivity you can browse the web wirelessly and access content on the go. The Illumina Pro is perfect for professional or education environments, where interactivity is essential.

The Illumina Pro comes with Android 4.0 so you can install your own apps (the Google Play store is installed). Imagine using Dropbox for having access to your documents on the go. Or using an RSS reader to keep up to date with the news. The limits are endless. For additional connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity is included.

The integrated front light makes reading comfortable even in low light environments.


   The 9.7" E-Ink Pearl HD screen has a resolution of 1200 x 825 pixels.Thanks to E-Ink technology, contrast is high and reading is like reading from a paper book. Even in direct sunlight you can read with perfect comfort and without eye fatigue.
  The Illumina Pro E1053BK has an electro magnetic touch screen, that can be controlled by the stylus. With many pressure levels and the option to use various line styles, you can add handwritten notes to PDF files, save and export them. The touch screen cannot be controlled by finger touch.
  The front light allows you to read comfortably even in low light environments. The brightness can be set in various levels and the light can also be turned off completely.
  Powered by Android 4.0 and with Google Play Store integrated, you have access to thousands of apps.
  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity allows you to download ebooks on the go, whenever a Wi-Fi hotspot is available. Use Cloud Storage services to store your library in the cloud.
  The 16Gb internal memory offers space for thousands of ebooks, but if even that is not enough, you can insert a Micro SD memory card for up to 32Gb additional storage.
  Full audio support with 3.5mm headphone jack and internal speaker.
  Connect Bluetooth accessories like keyboards for extra convenience.


Read A4 sized documents

Reading documents or large A4 sized PDF files on a contemporary 6 "e-reader can be a frustrating experience. On such devices documents that make extensive use of graphs and tables require panning and zooming This makes the documents difficult to read. The Illumina Pro, with its strong PDF support and 9.7 "screen shows A4 documents perfectly. They can be shown on one screen and are perfectly readable.

The 1200 x 825 screen resolution makes graphics look stunning. Making notes using the WACOM stylus is possible and adds a whole new dimension to your e-reader (only with the E1053BK).

The 9.7" screen is more than 2.5 times the size of a traditional 6 inch e-reader!




Read comfortably day and night

   The Illumina Pro comes with an integrated front light. This means you can read comfortably during the day and at night. The brightness can be adjusted and the light can be switched off completely too. In dark environment we recommend using only moderate levels of brightness in order to keep the contrast pleasant to the eyes. The highest light settings can be used in light environments to increase the ‘whiteness’ of the screen.


Create, save and export notes

   To support a paperless office environment or simply because you want to add content to your documents, you can make notes in your documents. Either using a virtual keyboard or the stylus (E1053BK only)you can add (handwritten) notes to your ePub or PDF files. Notes can be saved and exported, so you can read your notes also on any other device.


Great for PDF

PDF support is strong on all ICARUS e-readers, but on the Illumina Pro it is fantastic. Many options for zooming and panning, great reflow, adjustable font size and more make the eXceL the best e-reader for reading PDF out there. Period.


A world of books and apps at your fingertips

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity you can wirelessly browse the web and access content on the go. With Android 4.0 you can install your own apps, from your favorite reading app to social media or productivity apps. The Illumina Pro comes with integrated Google Play Store for easily finding, installing and managing apps. This makes the Illumina Pro the most versatile 9.7" inch e-reader on the market. Add Dropbox to read books stored in the cloud or check your e-mail on the E-Ink screen. Many libraries have their own reading app, giving you access to thousands of books for only a small membership fee.

With the Illumina Pro you are not tied to any ebook ecosystem: you can choose freely where you get your books from and have access to more ebooks than via any other e-reader on the market.

Supports all relevant book formats, even audio books!

Naturally, the ICARUS Illumina Pro offers support for all relevant e-book formats and has many options for adjusting the layout of your books. You can also listen to music or audio books or background music while reading.


Advanced features

The Illumina Pro is the most advanced large screen e-reader on the market. The following advanced options are included:

  • Many options for cropping and displaying books. Even a special comic mode is included
  • Adjustable contrast
  • Two point zoom and many other settings
  • Adjustable page margins
  • Font sizes 100% - 600% and custom font size
  • Notes via keyboard or stylus, adjustable line thickness and color
  • User-defined functions for buttons
  • Background music
  • Screen rotation




E1053BK: 9.7 "E-Ink Pearl HD | 1200 x 825 | Touchscreen with WACOM stylus

Memory   16GB internal memory | Expandable via Micro SD card (up to 32Gb)
Connectivity   USB 2.0 | WiFi 802.11 B / G / N | Bluetooth
Supported formats book   PDF, FB2, EPUB, RTF, TXT, HTM, PRC, WORD / EXCEL / PPT 
Supported audio formats   MP3, WMA
Supported image formats   JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF
Battery   3000mAh, up to Thousands of page refreshes
Reading functions   Go to Page, Text Search, Page Settings, Bookmark Management, Table of Contents, Screen Rotation, Auto Page Turning, Book Information, Music Player and much more
Applications   File Manager, Web Browser, Music Player, Image Viewer, Library, Recent Reading, RSS reader, Notepad, Sketch Block
Dimensions and weight   260 x 180x 9mm, 487gr.
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 Illumina Pro 9.7" e-reader with frontlight, Wi-Fi, Android, bluetooth, audio, notes, stylus, Google Play
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