14. Updates on the Illumina XL HD

Updates on the Illumina XL HD

On this page we will keep you updated on the Illumina XL HD, which isavailable for pre-order as of July 2017.

Update 15th of September

The production of the e-readers is taking place in this week (14-18th) and we can start shipping from our warehouse in the Netherlands on September 30th.  In the mean time we have further optimized the software, making the many features of the e-reader easier to use. 


Update 21st of August: extra features / delay in shipments


To all customers that have pre-ordered a Icarus Illumina XL HD in July and August.

In July 2017, we announced the Illumina XL HD e-reader and indicated that we scheduled it to be deliver in the course of August. In the time since then we have added some powerful new features to this e-reader, adding more value to it:

·         Sleep / wake-up function

In combination with the optional Sleep/wake-up cover (C028BK), this enables the reader to put the e-reader to sleep by closing the cover and to wake it up again by opening the cover.


·         Bluetooth connectivity

This enables the reader to connect external devices (e.g. a Bluetooth speaker).


·         Wi-Fi transfer

With this function the reader can transfer books via Wi-Fi (from computers connected to the same Wi-Fi network).


These additions to the device did result in a redesign of several components (specifically the PCBA) that needed to be designed, tested and implemented. This unfortunately results in a slight delay of the end-production stage. The final production has been shifted to the first weeks of September, meaning we can ship the goods to you in the final week of September.

We apologize for the delay and making you wait, but we are confident that the added value due to the new functionality will outweigh the inconvenience of the longer wait.

We will keep you updated on the status on this page.


Kind regards,

The Icarus Team